School Curriculum

Freshman year You enter the School of Humanities

S General subjects and specialty foundation subjects covering one year. You register mainly Common College/Common Humanities subjects.

Winter in the freshman yea You decide your course and your "major"

S You select one "major" that you want to especially study from among fifteen "majors" within the five courses of Psychology, Human Sciences, Field Study of Cultures Course, and Linguistics and Literature.

* Number of people accepted in each "major" is limited. If the number of candidates is greater than the upper limit, the more accomplished candidates will be chosen.

Sophomore year You deepen your knowledge in your "major"

S You will enroll mainly in subjects in your major, but you may also enroll in other majors and courses, and general-education subjects.

* Some classes in cross-cultural experiences (volunteer work, language study abroad) and internships will grant you units as your major subjects.

* If you study abroad, units earned at foreign universities may be accepted as Kanazawa University units.

* If you plan to acquire a teacher's certificate or certificate of social research, or to qualify as a curator or JPA Certified Psychologist, you may register in the courses required for this certification.

* Some classes opened at a city college (outside of the university campuses) may grant you units of the School of Humanities.

"Sub-Major" System

If you enroll in a prescribed number of subjects designated by majors other your own major or by other schools, you will receive a certificate from the university for a sub-major. Many types of sub-majors are available.

Changing your "major" or making a "school transfer" or "college transfer"

You may change your "major" within the school. But it is just in such a case as that there are some rooms in capacity in the major you want to move in. The School of Humanities also has a separate for those who want to transfers from other schools. But you must satisfy the prescribed requirements set by the school for the transfer. The school system also allows a "college transfer," but you also need to quota satisfy the prescribed requirements set by the college to which you wish to transfer.

Senior year Your last step to graduation!

S You work on your graduation thesis receiving instruction in graduation thesis seminars.

S By the time you graduate, you must enroll in and take all the required courses and earn the units at least 124 in total.

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