Characteristics of the School of Humanities

An Endlessly Vast Field of Knowledge, Exploring Human Activity

At the School of Humanities at Kanazawa University, students explore the nature of human behavior, thinking, and creation through the study of thought, history, culture, and language. The School offers a diverse range of research and education subjects, including psychology, field study of cultures, human sciences, history, linguistics, and literature.

From a Course and Specialized Field System to a Program-Based System

Some students would like an in-depth education in a specialized humanities field, while others may prefer a broad, interdisciplinary humanities education that includes adjacent fields. In order to better accommodate the diverse intentions of our students, the School of Humanities has transitioned from an often-insular framework of specialized education to a program-based system of study. Students each join a program, which encompasses a broader framework than previous fields of study, and design their own specialized education plan, making reference to the standardized study models shown in each program. As students’ interests broaden, they can also study subjects from other programs, as sub-majors.

Cultivating Individuals with a Broad Education in the Humanities

With the transition to the program system, we have worked to improve fundamental education in the humanities; in specialized education, we have enabled interdisciplinary learning through the programs’ specialized study and sub-majors. In addition, Humanities Foundational Education Subject Clusters are not tied to the program that each student belongs to. The resulting interdisciplinary study of foundational humanities knowledge and methodology produces students with a broad, solid grounding in the humanities.

About the Program System

Human Science Program
Phycology Program
History Program
Archaeology and Cultural Resource Studies Program
English and European Language and Cultures Program
 Japanese and Chinese Language and Literature Program
Language Science Program